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    Carl Jung
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    John F. Kennedy
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Supervision Workshops

3 Day In Person Workshop for Supervisors - "Supervision Skills for Helping Professionals"

  • Based on Margaret Morrell's "Supervision: A Reflective and Developmental Approach."
  •  Suitable for all those working in the health and social service professions including social workers, therapists, counsellors, occupational therapists, doctors and nurses
  • Suitable for both new and experienced supervisors
  • Limited spaces will be available
  •  Christchurch - Wednesday 28 February 2024 to Friday - FULLY BOOKED
  •  Christchurch - Wednesday 19 June to Friday 21 June 2024 - FULLY BOOKED


  • UPCOMING  WORKSHOPS  HAMILTON  07 - 09 August 2024 and CHRISTCHURCH 06 - 08 November 2024 

  • Please book as early as possible to secure your place


Please contact Helen at helen@mindfix.co.nz for a Registration Form or to express interest.


Attend this workshop and you will learn how to provide excellent reflective supervision and how to improve the supervision experience you provide.

You will be provided with :

  • An enjoyable 3 day workshop with colleagues from a variety of professional backgrounds
  • A safe and reflective environment in which to learn
  • Practical frameworks, models and skills
  • The opportunity to learn from others
  • A comprehensive handbook
  • A Certificate of Attendance upon the completion of the 3 day workshop

You will learn:

  • What quality supervision looks like
  • How to establish and maintain a trusting and collaborative supervisory relationship
  • The value and purpose of an individual supervision agreement
  • How to structure supervisory discussion
  • Tools to use in supervision sessions
  • How to model and promote reflective practice with supervisees
  • How to engage supervisees in the supervision process
  • How to create a climate where supervisees feel safe to discuss ethical dilemmas


Helen is a medical practitioner who has worked in general practice and forensic psychiatry. She has a passion for the role of supervision in the helping professions and has been involved in the provision of supervision for a number of years in DHBs and in private practice. She also has an interest in professional wellbeing and burnout and has run workshops and weekend retreats for health professionals.


Cost: $865 plus GST


Registration: Please contact Helen at helen@mindfix.co.nz for a registration form or to express interest.

Supervision Matters Cover

"Supervision Matters" See Margaret Morrell's 6 supervision books